Talento Combi Haynes Fiat Professional Always Driving Value


Best in class loading capacity with extraordinary compactness and agility: all of this and much more in the New Talento.

The New Talento exhibits generous internal dimensions, great versatility and the ability to adapt to different customer needs, is the perfect functional commercial vehicle companion for all the professionals in urban streets and on major roads.

Exterior The Talento Combi's exterior comes with great perks such as Anti-theft Immobiliser, Fog Lights, Sliding Side Doors and Back Door, Heated Electric Wing Mirrors and more, Enquiry for more information.
EASY ACCESS Sliding Side Doors and Back door Get in, get out, move around. Everything is easier with the double French doors and the sliding side door with 1284mm opening. It’s also possible to request a glazed rear door as standard to help loading and provide maximum rear visibility.
PERFECT REAR VIEW Heated Electric Wing Mirrors With the heated electric wing mirrors, you can count on a perfect rear view and manoeuver with maximum safety. In all seasons and weather conditions.
GREAT VISIBILITY LED Daytime Running Lights Make your Talento seen. Available on request, the LED daytime running lights maximise visibility while driving. It will be impossible not to notice you.
Interior Including Navigation system by Navteq, DAB radio with FM/AM, Bluetooth and hands free features, USB and AUX with steering wheels command. Enquire for more information and additional features
EXTRA SAFETY Rearview Camera Choose the priceless convenience of quick and easy manoeuvring thanks to the rearview camera. Continuous vision, perfect trajectory.
EXCELLENT INTERIOR DESIGN Up to 6 Seats 1 driver, 4 or 5 passengers and up to 4m(cubed) load capacity in the long wheelbase version: all in one vehicle . Guaranteed comfort thanks to the resistant and quality covers. An elegant ambience that you’ll be happy to be in, even for long journeys.
TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS Keyless Entry / Keyless Go System Switch on the engine without inserting the key. The Keyless Entry and Keyless Go system detects your presence and lets you open the doors and start the vehicle, simply by pressing a button.