New Fiat Ducato Van - 2021 The First Autonomous LCV Van Haynes Fiat

New Fiat Ducato

The First Autonomous Driving LCV

Innovation-Driven, For Over 40 Years.

Thanks to its electrical architecture, innovation in security features are the new Ducato standard, offering safety in your workplace and a stress-free driving experience with Co-Driver assistance. An option for Automatic versions, Level 2 autonomy elevates Ducato from a single driver system to multiple ADAS that can provide driver assistance in steering, acceleration, and braking events in different scenarios.

Exterior The Ducato's exterior comes with great perks such as the 360 Park Sensors, Rear Camera (with dynamic gridlines), Cross Wind Assist and more.
WITH STOP AND GO FUNCTION Adaptive Cruise Control When included in the Co-Driver pack, the Adaptive Cruise Control is enhanced with Stop & Go functionality, leading the vehicle to a complete stop when the vehicle in front stops and re-starts when traffic gets moving again. Available only with CO-DRIVER pack. (Automatic Transmission only).
SAFETY FEATURES Traffic Jam Assist The new Ducato can autonomously spot the vehicle ahead to manage lane centering in heavy traffic on all roads and monitor vehicles driving in parallel, adapting its lateral trajectory and avoiding potential impacts. If the Traffic Jam automatically brings the Ducato to a complete stop, it automatically returns to the set speed as soon as the traffic gets moving again. Available only with CO-DRIVER pack. (Automatic Transmission only).
DYNAMIC PARKING Active Park Assist When looking for an available parking space, the new Ducato will start scanning for a parking slot. When found it will start a parking manoeuvre, and the driver needs only to accelerate and brake with the pedals, while the vehicle autonomously performs steering manoeuvres, and indicates when to move forward or backward.
Interior The Ducato's interior comes with Electric Power Steering, Wireless Phone Charger, Eat & Work Seat Bench, Low Threshold to improve unloading and loading and more features, enquire for more information.
LCD HIGH RESOLUTION Digital Central Mirror Central Rearview Mirror becomes a digital 9'' LCD high-resolution display. Both when driving or parking, it provides an unobstructed and clear view of the road behind, thanks to a wide-angle, high-definition camera located inside the rear third stop lamp bracket.
VERSATILITY Load Space Volume Great range versatility and up to 17m³ of load space allow large-sized loads to be transported safely.
DESIGNED FOR LCVs New Multijet 3 Powertrain The new Ducato Multijet₃ powertrain lineup offers a wide range of choices that makes your work easier on every possible mission. Light Duty and Heavy Duty homologation (120hp, 140hp, 160hp, and 180hp power levels), available on manual and automatic transmissions, all with a reduced noise level, weight and fuel consumption.