Fiat e-Ducato Haynes Fiat Professional Always Driving Value

Fiat e-Ducato

100% Ducato 100% Electric 100% Fit for Mission

40 years of Ducato tradition in durability and toughness has been carefully crafted into the design of a vehicle suitable for the next era of transport. Fiat Professional has ensured that it sets the new standard for electric capacity.

Electric Ducato provides the freedom to travel both in the city centre and beyond. Delivery within a low emission zone? No problem with E-Ducato, a vehicle that works with autonomy, wherever you need it.

Ducato Electric allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Reach every destination on your route easily, with the ability to recharge quickly back at base.

E-Ducato Vehicle Versions The e-Ducato currently comes in 3 types - Van, Chassis Cab and People Move, Transportation is changing and we are ready for it and the e-Ducato is the perfection solution for all business types and is a electric alternative for urban mobility.
TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS Drive Modes The driver can choose the appropriate drive mode to meet their journey requirements, saving travelling range by optimising performances: Normal, optimal balance between performance and economy, ECO for longer distances and Power for heavy usage.
EFFICIENT Control Unit Offers additional comfort with smart features like the ability to precondition the vehicle to decrease the air conditioning’s impact on the battery, and schedule daily charging to take advantage of lower energy costs.
DYNAMIC BRAKING e-Braking The E-Braking provides a vehicle deceleration without brake pedal action; in this mode, the e-motor is providing negative torque, to recharge the battery.
Additional Features The e-Ducato has great features such as Blind Spot Assist, Full Brake Control, Rear Cross Path Dectection, MY:ASSISTANT, MY:REMOTE and many more, Enquire for more information.
IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY MOPAR Connect Mopar® Connect is the perfect solution not only to plan your E-Ducato charges, but also to keep control of your whole fleet, letting you follow each journey or assist with any problem you may encounter, to keep you on the road, all via a smartphone.
DRIVER ASSISTANCE Blind Spot Assist The system uses radar sensors (installed in the rear bumper) to detect upcoming vehicles that are not visible because of the blind-spot angle of the rear-view mirrors. The driver will be notified via audio warnings and illuminated icons on the side-mirrors.
EXTRA SAFETY Rear Cross Path Detection When in Reverse sensors begin to scan letting you know when vehicles or objects cross your path even when other vehicles may be blocking your view.